Charles is a qualified custom fitter and completed the advance course with Ralph Maltby in America in January 2013. The objective is to ensure that all  golfers have access to quality unbiased custom fitting to improve their overall experience playing the game.



Standard grips don’t fit all golfers. A golfer’s hand size is assessed and the selected grip is then built up for an accurate and comfortable fit for both the left and right hands.

In a word?  Playing with the right grip size is HUGELY important.  If the grip is too small and the golfer has to wrap his hands too far around the grip, the muscles of the forearm tighten up.  When the forearm muscles get tighter, it becomes much more difficult to take the club away from the ball smoothly and then becomes more difficult to achieve a consistent swing tempo and swing rhythm.

If the grip is too large, this can impede a proper release of the wrist-cock angle on the downswing which also can prevent us from rotating the face back around to square on the downswing.


The shaft is the engine of the club. Our objective is to ensure that the shaft you use suits your swing speed which will allow you to square the club face more effectively through impact. Once your swing speed has been determined, fitting a shaft involves the following:

  •  Puring and Spining

  •  Frequency matching

  •  Determining the proper length

  •  Loft and lie

All clubs are built to the manufacturer’s standard and will most of the time not be suited to your individual requirements. We shall determine your specifications and make suggestions on what route to follow.


Once again the standard putters are made to will probably not suit you.

Your favorite putter can be properly fit to your requirements.

The Factors we consider in fitting a putter are:

  •  Loft

  •  Lie

  •  Length

  •  Weight

  •  Putter design  


One of the most undervalued facets of the set. We have a variety of wedges to suit each individual’s needs. The factors we consider in fitting a Wedge  are:

  •  Loft
  • Lie

  • Bounce angle

  • Sole width

  • Playability factor

  • Individual skill level

charles rich group re gripping
charles rich group shaft fitting
charles rich group custom putter
charles rich group custom wedge fitting


If you are looking for a set custom built around your skill and requirements a set will be built from scratch for you. We shall go through an analysis of the current clubs, your objectives and skill level. With the use of the Flight Scope we shall build a 6 iron and make alterations to the one club until you  are satisfied with the end result, thereafter you complete set will be built around your specifications.

Factors we take into consideration are when suggesting a specific type of club head design is:

  •  Skill Level and goals

  •  Time available to practice

  •  Time available to play every week

  •  Any physical limitations

  •  Factors we take into consideration when building your set are:

  •  Playability factor

  •  Centre of gravity of the club head

  •  Loft and lie of club head

  •  Type of shaft – length, weight, bend profile and kick point

  •  Grip thickness, weight and feel

  •  Swing weight

  •  Overall weight

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