CHARLES RICH GROUP have been operating in Mossel Bay for the past five years and have recently acquired a new premises in Voorbaai to offer all golfers a professional service. With more than 44 years experience in golf, accredited and Certificated in USA Professional club fitter Charles Rich, now provide a service, with the help of technology, to analyze a golfer’s strength and technique in a studio and then advise them how to invest in appropriate equipment to achieve better results. Equipment are then custom fitted to each individual’s need in the fully equipped workshop on the premises. Most golfers buy their golf clubs of the rack in a retail golf store, pro shop and are dissatisfied with their achievements because the clubs are not suited to their unique style. Professionally custom fit golf clubs are proven to enable golfers of  all abilities, are especially those with a handicap between 12 and 25, to be able to play the best of their ability. Visit PEAK PERFORMANCE CENTER today and achieve your golfing best!



Hitting a few balls and putts before you go out and play is not practice, it is warming up. Sure, every ball you hit in your golfing life has some value to it; but the real improvement benefits come from well planned, controlled and diverse practice sessions with one or a few specific goals in mind. Going to the driving range and blasting off 60 balls with only your driver from a range mat may be planned (albeit a poor one), but it probably will not provide the type of improvement to shoot lower scores.

Here is a good way to approach practicing:

1. First decide what you need to work on and correct it.

2. Pick 1,2 or 3 of your problem areas for each practice session and set your goals to show improvement.

3. Take your time between shots; go through your same routine as you do on the golf course.

4. Manage your time between the range and the practice green. The short game comprises anywhere from 55% to 65% of your entire score.

5. Putting practice and drills: Have a match with someone on the putting green to increase pressure and concentration.


This is what the game is all about, being out on the golf course relaxing and enjoying the game. You must play the game to keep improving. It mentally and mechanically tests your ability to hit every shot at which you only get one chance to do perfectly . Put yourself in a tournament or a tough friendly match and this is pressure. You can practice, practice, practice, but you do need to play and keep playing to see how often you can repeat your swing, be mentally tough an come through hole after hole in differing situations.


Your playing partners, husbands, wives or golfer friends are not golf professionals! Having someone tell you what they think you are doing wrong is only bad if you listen to them. In a few instances they may even be right but the bigger problems occurs if and when they tell you how to correct your problem.

A golf professional can watch you swing and will know how you worked into your problem, properly and fully identify it, demonstrate to you what it is and finally, offer instructions and possibly some simple drills on how to correct it.


The power of the mind is amazing. A positive outlook on your game and the game of golf itself will not only help you play better but it will make golf a more enjoyable game. I look at a “positive attitude” as both a confidence builder and as means of maintaining or creating “momentum.”

Just like we see on television when football team or a basketball team or a professional golfer has everything going their way. What’s happening here is a confident, positive attitude which in turn makes something good happen during play, and more good things keep happening, which in turn creates “momentum.”


Of all the five P’s on how to improve your game, “properly fit golf clubs” can give you noticeable immediate improvement. I would guess that at least 95% of all golfers would benefit in some way from a proper golf club fitting. It is amazing that many golfer overlook this area when buying new clubs or never get properly retrofitted to their present clubs.

Golf club fitting encompasses a much broader area regarding how a golfer plays the game than they might think. Fitting not only includes the proper specifications for your clubs, but also a determination of proper set make-up, proper fitting of your putter, and increased knowledge on how and why various golf clubs do what they do. When you decide to get a proper club fitting; you can make it a much better playing experience and you will enjoy the game more.

My goal is to make you aware of how important it is to have properly fit golf clubs.

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